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About KMR Consulting

What is K-M-R anyway?

KMR stands for "Ken and Margaret Reek" - that's us. We've been doing computer related consulting for companies in the Rochester, NY area on and off since 1978.

About Ken (the shareware guy)

Consulting experience:

  • Computer Science Corporation
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Epicon Corp.
  • Harris
  • Northstar Research Group
  • OCS Group, Inc.
  • Omnicad Corporation
  • Phoenix Telecom
  • RIT Research Corporation
  • Sykes Datatronics
  • Taylor Instruments
  • Telephone Systems Consultants

Education and work experience:

History of KMR Consulting

I started KMR Consulting in 1994, primarily as a means of getting real-world experience to take back to the classroom. KMR Consulting has been a member of the Association of Software Professionals since 1995.

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