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Here's a few unsolicited comments we've received from our customers.


"SudoKoach is the one software program with which I am totally pleased. It is fast, straight to the point, extremely intuitive and is a wonderful learning/teaching tool." Gary Beck

"I just recently purchased your program and love it! Many thanks for an excellent program." Dr. Allan Pacela

"I have the program installed and it is AWESOME! I like it as a teaching tool and also for problem-solving. I'll be honest with you--I have quite a few sudoku programs on my computer and also handheld games, and your SudoKoach is THE BEST! Thanks!"  David Riley

"I think your product is great!" Richard Read

Personal Timeclock

"I've been using Personal Timeclock for about 8 years. It does just what I need and I'm grateful that you continue to support it and make it work on newer operating systems. It's worth a lot more than the $20 investment." Julie Lerman

"Thanks again. You give great service and I have always loved the program - it's simple and easy to use." Nancy B.

"I do not know how much more complicated my work life would be without this, but I don't want to find out. Thanks again." Nancy Breuer

"I gotta say, only two days in with your program and I'm hooked. It's so easy to use that I'm not only using it for the client who requires hourly billing, I'm using it for all of my clients to get a better understanding of how I'm using my time. Great stuff." Kristen L.

"I LOVE your program. I still can’t believe I found something that does exactly what I need without a bunch of extra stuff I do not need. Plus a great price. Thanks again!" Pamela Hoorn, Bookkeeper

"In my previous job, I was always selected as one of the top 10 engineers ... because of my monthly "productivity reports" which were essentially an accounting of my time ... and PTC allowed me to do that very easily and accurately. Believe it or not, I actually had to "dumb down" my reports a little because upper management said I was spending too much time on them, when in reality I wasn't -- PTC was doing all the work for me!" Joey P.

"Of all the software I run--and I have lots--Personal Timeclock is the biggest bang for the buck. And it's so damn simple." Frank Hale

"This software saved my job! My boss was unaware of the complexity of my job, and of the time distribution of projects. After using Personal Timeclock for the full trial period, I can prove to him with the reporting tool exactly where all my time goes. He was really impressed." Brenda P.

"I recently purchased the registered version of Personal Timeclock [and] I wanted to let you know how much I like the product. It is well thought-out, well written, well documented, and handles my needs perfectly. It is obviously well priced also! "  John Jencks

"I wanted to let you know that I've used Personal Timeclock for years. It's a beautiful little program -- and "little" is a compliment in this context: it does exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less, no mess, no stress. Thanks!"  Rose Weitz

"I just wanted to say how GREAT the Personal Timeclock app is. A real lifesaver. Very thoughtfully designed and light on memory usage in the background. I looked everywhere for something like this, and yours was better than I ever expected to find. Great job!" Ted G.

"Personal Time clock is great but the attention to detail and clarity in your help section is a work of art--and the price is right! I have a bad memory and learning is always a struggle. This was no struggle." Frank Hale

"I can't tell you how many times I've found task journaling tedious and nearly a waste of precious time, however with Personal TimeClock a simple click and key stroke has saved much time and helped me evaluate where my day is spent." Michael McKenzie

"Excellent program, easy to use yet very powerful with many options!" Ed Murashie

"Thank you again. I use the program literally every working day." A. P. D.

"Thanks so much for this great program! I jump back and forth between four or five projects a day, sometimes for only a minute or two on one or the other at a time. But at the end of the day my time sheet is EASY to fill out. I used to do it once a week and (gasp!) guess at percentages, now I KNOW and have the logs to prove it!" Bill Waggoner, large aerospace firm

"I've tried every piece of time logging software on the net and Personal Timeclock is the most reliable and easy to use - the running total feature is particularly helpful." Jamie Flint

"I've never found a shareware product that I couldn't live without - until now. Your time tracker product is great." Lars F.

"I was looking for some way to track time I spend on the many projects I work on, and nothing was right until I found Personal Timeclock. It's exactly what I was looking for." Ruth M.

"Just a quick note to let you know that we absolutely love your Personal Timeclock product. It enables us to keep much, much better track of our client-billable time, and our clients love the reports that we can send them showing how we spent their consulting dollars." Mark Warren, Sales Growth Institute

"Personal Timeclock is a great piece of work." Barnett S.

"This tool has been great for helping me figure out where my time is going." Mark S.

"Excellent shareware!" Jack W.

"The software is great! Thanks!" Sanvito R.

"Your program compares favorably to commercial products costing ten times as much." Justin P.


"The cryptograms are challenging and loads of fun, besides being educational, interesting, or poignant quotations. You made some very nice selections." Duncan C.

"I'll be busy for quite a while crypto-ing to my heart's content. I have a zillion wonderful things to say about your product, you and your customer service. I'm your fan for life!" Linda J.

"For some, part of getting up every morning is the first cup of coffee and the newspaper crossword puzzle. I prefer to rise to a cup of strong black coffee and a new Crypto to start the day right. Thanks again." Janice L.

"I love Crypto! and spend a lot of time solving the problems. Thanks so much for a great product!!" Bryan C.

"Over the years, I have bought quite a few shareware programs. Every one of them says register the program and when there are updates/upgrades they will send them to me free of charge. Bull!!!! You are the very first that has ever sent an upgrade to me. It is really nice to find a company with integrity. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU" Bill N.

"Best cryptogram implementation I have seen." Rich H.

"Great program! This is one of the few computer games that my wife enjoys, too." Walter S.

"I just wanted to thank somebody for sending me a Crypto upgrade! What a pleasant surprise! It's my favorite thing to do whenever I feel I can take a 10 minute break! Thank you" Nancy F.

"Just got your new version and it installed perfectly and plays very well. I play very few games but do enjoy yours." Rich

"I'm hooked on Crypto! Can't wait for more!" C. L.

"Thank you for the update copy of CRYPTO. This is the first time I have received an update of anything I have bought-and the second time I have received any communication from any firm-hardware or software-that I have registered with or bought from. I enjoy using Crypto....thanks." Don J.

"This septuagenarian is losing her eyesight. It is no longer possible to see the crypto grams and crypto quotes printed in our daily newspapers, long a daily pasttime for me. Being able to blow up the quotes on my large monitor, I can really go to town and enjoy the game with a new enthusiasm. You have managed to fill the void, and the real surprise was receiving the disc unsolicited by me, mainly because I didn't know of its existance. Kudos, gentlemen." Ginny E.

"I Just recieved my copy of Crypto! V3.0 in the mail today. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks again." Gordon G.

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