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To place an order online:

Place an order with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. If you have a PayPal account, you'll have even more payment options. Just click the link below to reach the appropriate ordering page.

To place an order by mail:

Ordering by mail is almost as easy as ordering on line.

  • Just use the ordering pages listed above, but click the button that says "Create an order form".
  • Then print the form and mail to us with your check, money order, or your credit card info.

Nervous about using your credit card on the Internet?

Is it really safe to send your credit card number over the Internet? Yes! When you place an online order with us, all your order information is encrypted for your safety before being sent over the Internet. You can read more about credit card risks.

Will we sell your name and address to junk mailers?

      ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Read our privacy policy.

To use a purchase order:

Corporations can place an order with a purchase order. Just mail it and a copy of the registration form to us at the address above. Please be sure to specify the address where the invoice should be sent. Payment terms are net 30 days, with 1.5% per month after 30 days.

NOTE: There is an extra fee of US$15 if you wish to pay by using a wire transfer (that's what my bank charges me for these). I highly recommend using a credit card instead.

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