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Download Personal Timeclock version 4.8 for Windows 7/8/10 (and earlier versions). Choose either the self-extracting file (which is easier to install--just execute it), or the zip file (which is a little smaller, but you need PKZip or another unzipping program to unpack it).

NOTE: If you have a licensed previous version of Personal Timeclock, DO NOT install this shareware version over the top of it in hopes of upgrading it. The licensed and shareware versions are different, and you'll only end up with the shareware version. See the next section for the upgrade you want.

NOTE: If you used our earlier product PC-TimeClock and want to try out Personal Timeclock, click here for some tips.

Updates for Registered Users

Registered users of Personal Timeclock 4.0 and later can upgrade to the latest minor release from within Personal Timeclock itself. Just go to the File menu and select Update Personal Timeclock>Check the Internet for updates. If you prefer, you can download the update to Personal Timeclock 4.7 (3,460 K bytes). Installation instructions are included with the update. Click here for a list of the new features.

Registered users of Personal Timeclock (formerly PC-TImeClock) 3.x may still download the free PC-TimeClock 3.3 update (992 K bytes). Click here for a list of the new features in this version. But read about the features in the latest version: you can upgrade at 50% off of the regular price.

Registered users of PC-TimeClock 2.x may still download the free PC-TimeClock 2.2 update. The included help file lists the new features in this version.

Note: the shareware version of Personal Timeclock is not capable of installing these updates. If you don't want to tackle the update process yourself, send us five bucks for shipping and media costs and we'll send you a CD-ROM with the upgrade on it.

Printable Manual and HTML Help

Starting with version 4.3, Personal Timeclock now has a PDF version of the Help file for those who prefer a printed manual to online help. If you ordered Personal Timeclock on a CD-ROM, you already have this file. Everyone else can download it for free:

  • Download the PDF file v4.8 (4,882 K bytes. NOTE: If your browser displays PDF files, right click the link and select "Save".) For the best printed results, we recommend printing in color on both sides of the paper.

Personal Timeclock and PC-TimeClock

If you purchased PC-TimeClock version 3.anything, you should already have received your free upgrade to Personal Timeclock version 4.

If you are using PC-TimeClock version 2.anything or earlier and want to try out Personal Timeclock version 4, install Personal Timeclock in a separate folder to test it. You may then copy the timeclk.log and project.txt files from the old folder into this new one. The log file format of 4.4 is different than these earlier versions, so any data written to the log file by Personal Timeclock will be unreadable by your previous version, hence the need to make copies.

Getting an error message?

Are you getting an error message that begins "The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory"? Here's how to fix it.

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