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Download Crypto! version 4.2 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP or later. Choose either a self-extracting file (which is easier to install--just execute it), or a zip file (which is a little smaller, but you need PKZip or another unzipping program to unpack it).

NOTE: If you have a licensed previous version of Crypto!, do NOT install this shareware version over the top of it in hopes of upgrading it. The licensed and shareware versions are different, and you'll only end up with the shareware version. See the next section for the upgrade you want.

Updates for Registered Users

Starting with version 4.0, Crypto! can check for and download updates automatically. Just click Help>Online>Update Crypto!>Check the Internet for updates. If the automatic update process fails for any reason, you can also download a zip file that contains the update and instructions for installing it.

Registered users of Crypto! 3.0 through 3.9 may still download a free update to version 3.10. Read how version 3.10 differs from the earlier versions. Note: the shareware version of Crypto! is not capable of installing this update. If you don't want to tackle the update process yourself, send me five bucks and I'll send you a CD-ROM with the newest version on it.

A few users of Crypto! 3.x have asked how to access the other puzzle files, as no icons are created for them by the installation process like they were with previous versions. After you start Crypto! 3.x you can choose any puzzle file you want with the Game|Open Puzzle File menu. If you wish, you can also create new program group entries that will automatically start Crypto! with a selected file--download the instructions.

Holy Bible puzzle file

Registered users of Crypto! 3.0 and later may download a new puzzle file containing the entire text of the Holy Bible (King James version). To ensure you get the correct file, you must find out what version of Crypto! you are using. Go to the Help menu, select About Crypto! and make a note of the version number.

Click here if you have Crypto! version 3.anything. Unzip the file into a temporary directory and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file. Note: the shareware version of Crypto! is not capable of installing this update. (If you'd rather not fiddle around with the download, send me $5 and I'll mail you a CD containing the puzzles.)

If you have Crypto! version 4.0, you should first upgrade to version 4.2. Go to the Help menu and select Online>Update Crypto!>Check the Internet for updates and you will be updated to version 4.2. Then ...

If you have Crypto! version 4.2, go to the Help menu and select Online>Update Crypto!>Check the Internet for updates and it will be downloaded and installed for you automatically.

PDF Help File

The Crypto! Help file is also available in a PDF version, complete with a table of contents and an index. This can be useful when trying to print sections of the file because the Adobe Acrobat Reader gives you more control over printing specific pages, and the page breaks occur at better places in the PDF version. You can display this file in your browser, or to save a copy of this file on your computer just right-click this link and select "Save Target As."

Getting an error message?

Are you getting an error message that begins "The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory"? Here's how to fix it.

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