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What's New in Crypto!

Version 4.2 of Crypto! includes:

  • There are now over 15,000 puzzles!
  • You can now pause the game, which stops the timer until the game is resumed. Also, the timer no longer counts when the window is minimized.
  • You can now use extended ASCII quotation marks and apostrophies when entering puzzles yourself.
  • When you print a puzzle, the puzzle number and the name of the collection are printed as well.
  • The hint dialogs and input dialogs now appear wherever you last moved them.
  • You can highlight the area of the screen in which the solution appears.
  • The color changing dialog has been complete redesigned to be easier to use--it allows you to preview your changes before accepting them.

Version 4.1 of Crypto! includes:

  • You can now get a list of possible solutions to any word in the puzzle.
  • You can now download new and updated puzzle files when they become available.
  • Crypto! now behaves better on computers with more than one monitor.
  • There is a new puzzle file: StrangeLaws.
  • There are now over 14,000 puzzles!

Version 4.0 of Crypto! includes:

  • If you make the font larger in the main window, then a larger font will be used in the window for entering your own puzzles.
  • Downloading and installing updates to Crypto! is now done from within the program itself.
  • (As of 4.0a) You can now specify the size of the margin around printed puzzles.
  • (As of 4.0b) Fixed a bug that suddenly cropped up which prevented your color and font changes from being saved.

If you are upgrading from version 3.8 or earlier to version 3.10 or version 4, read these notes about how to upgrade to the current version.

Version 3.10 of Crypto! includes:

  • You can choose to display the letter frequencies alphabetically or by frequency.
  • If you make a mistake when entering a puzzle, you can now fix it.
  • The default font was changed to improve the appearance of printed puzzles.

Version 3.9 of Crypto! includes:

  • Your data files are now stored in the My Documents folder (on Vista, it is just called Documents).
  • Other changes needed for Windows Vista.

Version 3.8 of Crypto! includes:

  • The Help file is now the newer HTML-style, and includes a tutorial introduction and many more illustrations.
  • When you start Crypto! and there is a saved game, you now have the option of discarding the saved game.
  • Double-clicking a puzzle file in the Windows Explorer now starts Crypto! on that file.
  • New puzzle file: things seen on bumper stickers.
  • New puzzle file: jokes that have circulated via e-mail.
  • New puzzle file: some of the aphorisms of George W. Bush.
  • There are now 10,934 puzzles (42,036 if you count the Bible puzzles).

Version 3.7 of Crypto! includes:

  • A new set of puzzles: things that bosses said on employee evaluations (e.g. "If brains were taxed, he would get a rebate.")

Version 3.6 of Crypto! includes:

  • You can copy the solution to a puzzle to the clipboard (as much as you have figured out so far, anyway), and from there into other programs.
  • A new set of puzzles: Jokes attributed to the comedian Steven Wright (e.g. "There was a power outage at a department store yesterday. Twenty people were trapped on the escalators.")

Version 3.5 of Crypto! includes a new set of puzzles:

  • Science Test Answers given by school children

Version 3.4 of Crypto! includes these new capabilities:

  • There are now buttons to make it easier to get hints.
  • You can copy the current puzzle to the clipboard, and from there into other programs (for example, to e-mail it to a friend).
  • You can paste text from the clipboard into Crypto! (for example, to solve puzzles that friends have e-mailed to you).

Version 3.3 of Crypto! includes these useful features:

  • You can now save an unfinished puzzle and continue working on it later.
  • You can now select a specific puzzle to solve by its number.
  • You can save the puzzles you like best, or puzzles you have entered, to a "favorites" file.

Version 3.2 of Crypto! also includes some handy new features:

  • If the puzzle is too large to fit in the window, a scroll bar will appear so you can view the entire puzzle.
  • Puzzles can now be displayed in "military" style: all capitals, letters grouped in blocks of five. This makes solving the puzzle much more challenging.
  • It is no longer possible to undo a letter that was given to you in a hint, or has been verified correct with Confirm.

Here are the features that were added to version 3.1:

  • The name of the quote file is now shown in the title bar.
  • The puzzle number is also shown in the title bar (when you're using a compressed quote file).
  • When Crypto! starts, it begins with the same quote file you were last using.
  • The new Game|Puzzle Source dialog tells you how many puzzles you've solved (when you're using a compressed quote file).

Registered users of Crypto! 3.0 through 3.9 may download a free update to the version 3.10.

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